20th Feb 2018

Congo: Farmers use bulukutu leaves to protect harvest from insects

Sitting on the ground, Loufouma Kaison uses a small knife to peel cassava tubers. He piles the cut pieces Read More

29th Nov 2017

Zimbabwe: Solar-powered irrigation keeps harvests high during drought

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28th Nov 2017

Uganda: HIV-positive widow raises pigs to improve income and health

Aida Among tested positive for HIV in 2001. Read More

21st Nov 2017

DRC: Urban farming provides income for women and lower prices for all

At 6:30 in the morning, Marceline Zaninga Read More

6th Nov 2017

Senegal: Keeping urban chickens healthy, even in small spaces

Rama Ndaw slowly climbs the stairs to the terrace Read More

31st Oct 2017

Zambia: Farmer boosts chicken health with better breeding and feeding

For years, Paul Lungu and his family lived Read More

23rd Oct 2017

Tanzania: Farmers boost incomes by multiplying new cassava varieties

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