9th Jan 2018

Kenya: Farmers grow soya beans to manage striga

It’s midday and Francis Babu is using a hoe to weed his maize and soya beans. The movements of his hands and hoe match the beat and lyrics of his favourite song, Read More

16th Mar 2016

Kathy Mbondo is a Kenyan entrepreneur who speaks from her own experience when she says, “The business terrain is rough and bumpy and only meant for those who can raise again when they fall.” Read More

8th Mar 2016

Rose Mitchell is a small-scale pumpkin farmer. A few years ago, Mrs. Mitchell started using drip irrigation on her farm. Ever since, her pumpkins fetch higher prices at the market in Bulawayo, Read More

1st Mar 2016

Tanzania: Improved weather prediction services needed to free farmers from climate change (The Guardian Limited)

Farming is not a safe venture these days,” says Tito Read More

29th Feb 2016

Farmer Marie-Thérèse Toé is a model for many women. Widowed for more than a decade, Mrs. Toé has been the sole provider for her four children. And she has done it all through farming.

Mrs Read More

27th Feb 2016

Twenty-five-year-old Christine Lenganya lifts and balances a 20-litre jerry can of water on her head, her year-old baby strapped to her Read More

25th Feb 2016

Marie Rose Iyakaremye is a woman who is not afraid of challenges. She has grown bananas for nearly 30 years in Icyeru, a small town in the Mukura district of southern Rwanda.

In 2012, Mrs Read More