15th Aug 2018

Ethiopia: Farmers manage Fall armyworm with cultural practices

It’s time for a tea break during the workshop on raising awareness about Fall armyworm. Farmers are busy sharing their experiences while drinking and Read More

8th Mar 2016

Rose Mitchell is a small-scale pumpkin farmer. A few years ago, Mrs. Mitchell started using drip irrigation on her farm. Ever since, her pumpkins fetch higher prices at the market in Bulawayo, Read More

1st Mar 2016

Tanzania: Improved weather prediction services needed to free farmers from climate change (The Guardian Limited)

Farming is not a safe venture these days,” says Tito Read More

29th Feb 2016

Farmer Marie-Thérèse Toé is a model for many women. Widowed for more than a decade, Mrs. Toé has been the sole provider for her four children. And she has done it all through farming.

Mrs Read More

27th Feb 2016

Twenty-five-year-old Christine Lenganya lifts and balances a 20-litre jerry can of water on her head, her year-old baby strapped to her Read More

25th Feb 2016

Marie Rose Iyakaremye is a woman who is not afraid of challenges. She has grown bananas for nearly 30 years in Icyeru, a small town in the Mukura district of southern Rwanda.

In 2012, Mrs Read More

18th Feb 2016

Busia County in western Kenya is home to a variety of indigenous vegetables. But for decades, a shift in popular taste away from Read More