15th Aug 2018

Ethiopia: Farmers manage Fall armyworm with cultural practices

It’s time for a tea break during the workshop on raising awareness about Fall armyworm. Farmers are busy sharing their experiences while drinking and Read More

17th Jan 2016

Esther Djuidjeu is a 35-year-old farmer and mother of four. She lives in Bokito, a town in Cameroon’s Centre Region. While she plays with her 5-month-old baby, she receives a text message on her Read More

6th Jan 2016

Jean Pascal Simporé is a man who loves challenges. After finishing school, he found it hard to find a job in his chosen field of public administration. So Mr. Simporé turned to farming.

He Read More

24th Dec 2015

The Ebola outbreak seriously affected crop production throughout Liberia last farming season. But despite the threat of Ebola, a group of women farmers faced up to the epidemic and continued to Read More

22nd Dec 2015

Tinarimanana is a 20-year-old high school student who splits her days between attending school and raising earthworms.

On a cold and windy winter morning, Ms. Tinarimanana sits on a chair Read More

19th Dec 2015

Dairy farmers make maize silage to maximize profits

Peter Choge and three other men are busily feeding green maize plants into a shredding machine. Two of the men pick Read More

19th Dec 2015

Malawi: Farmers earn cash from watermelons despite poor markets

Robert Sosola was a man with serious financial challenges. Every year, his income from maize was dwindling Read More