22nd Aug 2018

Lawyers Accuse Judiciary of Condoning Torture

Lawyers have faulted the Directorate of Public Prosecution for condoning torture by allowing tortured suspects to be arraigned in court.

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19th Dec 2015

Dairy farmers make maize silage to maximize profits

Peter Choge and three other men are busily feeding green maize plants into a shredding machine. Two of the men pick Read More

19th Dec 2015

Malawi: Farmers earn cash from watermelons despite poor markets

Robert Sosola was a man with serious financial challenges. Every year, his income from maize was dwindling Read More

17th Dec 2015

Uganda: Girl sells hibiscus juice to pay school fees

Winnie Ajok wants to finish her education. So she divides her time between the classroom and the marketplace.

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17th Dec 2015

Togo: Woman earns living by processing fish

The last rays of the sunset are fading over Katenga, a fishing village a few hundred metres from Togo’s main fishing port, Lomé Read More

21st Nov 2015

Uganda: Widow finds success with soybeans

After her husband died, Kulkeria Onono found it difficult to farm on her own. Mrs. Onono and her husband had grown cotton as Read More

25th Sep 2015

Uganda: Farmer profits from herbal remedies

Guard Okello graduated from the University of Nairobi in 1967. He didn’t plan to be a farmer. But ten years ago, Mr. Okello Read More