22nd Aug 2018

Lawyers Accuse Judiciary of Condoning Torture

Lawyers have faulted the Directorate of Public Prosecution for condoning torture by allowing tortured suspects to be arraigned in court.

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23rd Jan 2018

Tanzania: Farmers improve pigs’ health and hygiene to manage African swine fever

 Cuthbert Swai built a house and Read More

9th Jan 2018

Kenya: Farmers grow soya beans to manage striga

It’s midday and Francis Babu is using a hoe to weed his maize and Read More

28th Dec 2017

Mali: Dual-purpose sorghum grows faster and bigger, even with little rain

Farmers who tried growing dual-purpose Read More

29th Nov 2017

Zimbabwe: Solar-powered irrigation keeps harvests high during drought

Despite the worsening drought that has Read More

28th Nov 2017

Uganda: HIV-positive widow raises pigs to improve income and health

Aida Among tested positive for HIV in 2001. Read More

21st Nov 2017

DRC: Urban farming provides income for women and lower prices for all

At 6:30 in the morning, Marceline Zaninga Read More