26th Jun 2017

Burundi & Ghana: Two techniques for storing tomatoes longer 

Vital Nduwimana hated how many tomatoes he lost every season. For years, his tomatoes started rotting just three or four days after harvest. He felt Read More

5th Jul 2016

It’s a cold Sunday morning, and Nomalanga Gumede’s face and blouse are soaked with water spilling from the 20-litre bucket she carries on her head. The 45-year-old widow makes several trips to Read More

22nd Jun 2016

Nigerians love tomatoes. They are an important ingredient in many popular dishes, and farmers like them because they fetch a good price in the market.
But this year, farmers in the Kaduna Read More

21st Jun 2016

A camel sits on the parched ground, loaded with sacks of grain and pulses, yellow jerry cans, bottles of cooking oil, and bits of fabric. After a final check of the ropes, a woman makes a loud Read More

20th Jun 2016

Security at High Court in Uganda’s capital Kampala has been tightened as hearing of a case in which 32 suspects including the leader of Tabliq sect Yunus Kamoga accused of killing fellow Read More

15th Jun 2016

Food goes to waste far too often. Harvests rot before they are sold, or families purchase more than they can consume, and the remainder goes bad.

So how do you ensure that a huge harvest Read More

14th Jun 2016

Meet Abdu Kaliisa, 35, a resident of Buyongo Village, Mateete Sub-county in Sembabule District.

Kaliisa at such a youthful age, earns millions of money from his 15-acre coffee plantation. Read More