14th Aug 2017

Tanzania: Farmers detain cattle in clashes with pastoralists

In the Bagamoyo district on Tanzania’s Indian Ocean coast, it’s common to see Maasai herders leading flocks of cattle, sheep, and goats. Many Maasai are Read More

20th Jul 2016

Though heavy rains drenched parts of East Africa in April, Makueni County in eastern Kenya remains dry―and no one is sure when the rains will come. But the women in Kikumbulyu village are not Read More

12th Jul 2016

In 2011, Razak Adjei moved from the village of Tchamba to study economics in Lomé, the Togolese capital. He soon realized that young Togolese graduates face high unemployment rates, and that a Read More

5th Jul 2016

Divas Matinyadze carefully inspects one of his 47 traditional beehives, which are fashioned from dead tree trunks. The hives are hidden in a dense patch of forest along a narrow dirt path beside Read More

5th Jul 2016

It’s a cold Sunday morning, and Nomalanga Gumede’s face and blouse are soaked with water spilling from the 20-litre bucket she carries on her head. The 45-year-old widow makes several trips to Read More

22nd Jun 2016

Nigerians love tomatoes. They are an important ingredient in many popular dishes, and farmers like them because they fetch a good price in the market.
But this year, farmers in the Kaduna Read More

21st Jun 2016

A camel sits on the parched ground, loaded with sacks of grain and pulses, yellow jerry cans, bottles of cooking oil, and bits of fabric. After a final check of the ropes, a woman makes a loud Read More