14th Aug 2017

Tanzania: Farmers detain cattle in clashes with pastoralists

In the Bagamoyo district on Tanzania’s Indian Ocean coast, it’s common to see Maasai herders leading flocks of cattle, sheep, and goats. Many Maasai are Read More

20th Jun 2016

Security at High Court in Uganda’s capital Kampala has been tightened as hearing of a case in which 32 suspects including the leader of Tabliq sect Yunus Kamoga accused of killing fellow Read More

15th Jun 2016

Food goes to waste far too often. Harvests rot before they are sold, or families purchase more than they can consume, and the remainder goes bad.

So how do you ensure that a huge harvest Read More

14th Jun 2016

Meet Abdu Kaliisa, 35, a resident of Buyongo Village, Mateete Sub-county in Sembabule District.

Kaliisa at such a youthful age, earns millions of money from his 15-acre coffee plantation. Read More

7th Jun 2016

Annie Nyaga stands in her watermelon field in Mbeere district, 200 kilometres from Nairobi, surrounded by rows of green vines, with the occasional tree providing shade for her melons.

The Read More

7th Jun 2016

Omara Francis wakes up every morning and toils in the garden near his house, using a hoe and his bare hands to prepare the soil.

Mr. Francis has three gardens, each one acre in size and Read More

3rd Jun 2016

According to the UN report, development in the world’s poorest countries could be halted unless bold steps are taken now to prevent Read More