14th Aug 2017

Tanzania: Farmers detain cattle in clashes with pastoralists

In the Bagamoyo district on Tanzania’s Indian Ocean coast, it’s common to see Maasai herders leading flocks of cattle, sheep, and goats. Many Maasai are Read More

13th Apr 2016

Holding a container of a powdery substance in one hand and a stick in the other, Lasso Soar gradually pours the powder into a jar of water and uses the stick to turn the mixture. He explains, “ Read More

11th Apr 2016

Stephen Tumhaire rakes through the knee-high grass to get rid of fallen tree branches that might stop the grass from growing in his field Read More

6th Apr 2016

Marinus Aka is a 31-year-old teacher at Regina Pacis higher technical college, and the most educated person in his family. He even teaches extra hours and classes at different schools. Though his Read More

30th Mar 2016

Five years ago, women in Mali formed the Convergence of Women for Food Sovereignty, or COFERSA. The women’s organization collects, maintains, stores, multiplies, and preserves farmer-bred seeds. Read More

25th Mar 2016

 Lovemore Kuwana cheerily lifts the lid of a container full of fresh Read More

21st Mar 2016

Akisoni Msandula has been planting trees and encouraging other farmers to do the same since before the turn of the century. Mr. Msandula lives in Thandaza village, about 35 kilometres northwest Read More