‘Youth must change attitude towards work’

‘Youth must change attitude towards work’

Participants at a validation workshop have decried the negative attitude that employed Ugandan youths have towards work.

As many as 50 people complained that much as several youth lack skills, they do report late for work or leave their work stations earlier than they should.

The influence of social media was also at the heart of the discussion with some participants saying young people usually spend more time on social media than on the job.

Loy K. Mulwezi, the Business, Technical, Vocational Education and Training assistant commissioner for the ministry of education, said part of the problem is Uganda’s education curriculum which trains students to pursue mostly white-collar jobs instead of training job creators.

Mulwezi added that many young people shun agriculture, calling it dirty, yet it presents several employment opportunities.

The workshop held at Hotel Triangle in Kampala was facilitated by Prof. Will Kaberuka and Edward Mwesigwa of Africa Tech consultants.