Presidential Candidate Professor Venansius Baryamureeba has this kicked off campaigns in Northern Uganda.
Launching his Northern Uganda Campaign drive from Lira on Monday, Baryamureeba addressed crowds at three different rallies in Lira district at Uhuru Bar, Lira Bus Park and Teso Bar Ground.
In his address to the people of Lira, Baryamureeba focused on pointing out the 12 key issues in his manifesto and how they will benefit the people of Northern Uganda.
The people were however excited by his promise to implement federalism to ensure all regions in Uganda get a fair share of the national cake.
He further went ahead to talk about his proposed reforms in education, job creation, health, agriculture and how his government would fight corruption.
Prof. Barya, as he is commonly known, was the first Ugandan to declare his intentions to run for the presidency in May 2015.