Besigye Astonished by State of Tororo School

FDC Presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye has expressed shock at the condition of a school in Tororo District.

Besigye said the education system in Uganda remained in shambles, a situation that must be checked with the change of political leadership at the top.

The opposition strongman made the remarks while inspecting Paya primary school in Tororo.

The school is in a sorry state with crumbled structures.

Residents told Besigye the school buildings collapsed 11 years ago but that government has not taken any initiative to rebuild the institution for the children in the community.

They further claimed president Museveni in 2011 promised to rehabilitate the school with modern structures, a promise he has never fulfilled.

According to the FDC manifesto, Dr Besigye’s government will emphasize the shared responsibility of parents and the state in delivering universal access, quality and skills-focused education to children.

The party also intends to establish teacher remuneration and compensation programmes that give back honor to teachers, build their pride and confidence, and reward them for the sacrifices they make in and out the classroom every day.