Gen Benon Biraaro, the Farmers Party of Uganda [FPU] presidential candidate, has assured Ugandans he will increase the budget for agriculture by Shs3 trillion once elected president.

While addressing a rally at Malaba Taxi Park yesterday, Gen Biraaro said the increment will enable government procure agricultural inputs for distribution to farmers.

He attributed the high level of poverty in most households to government’s failure to engage researchers to go to the communities and come up with findings on why the country’s economy has failed to grow for the last 30 years NRM has been in power.

In the 2014/15 National Budget, Uganda increased resource allocations to the agriculture sector from Shs382 billion to Shs440 billion, representing 6.5 per cent.

But farmers said the allocation was not enough and that government needed to prioritise agriculture which is the country’s backbone.

Government also spends Shs203 billion on Naads.