Boda Boda Riders Attack Police Post

Boda Boda Riders Attack Police Post; Burn Suspect to Death

An angry mob of boda boda riders in Mitiyana district yesterday morning attacked Kiryokya Police Post and killed a man suspected to have stolen a motorcycle.

According to Nobert Ochom, the Police Spokesperson Wamala Region, the victim had been arrested after police got information that he was being beaten by a group of violent boda boda riders.

“Police received information and rescued a suspected motorcycle thief from an angry mob and detained him,” said Ochom.

The deceased has been identified as William Matovu, aged 28, and a resident of Kibaruka LC1, Kalangalo sub-county in Mitiyana district.

Ochom told Mbabule fm that the scene of crime was visited and 10 suspects have been arrested to help in investigations.