Chief Justice warns judicial officers

Chief Justice warns judicial officers against stalling cases

The Chief Justice Bart Katureebe has warned judicial officers of all courts to discourage the practice of frequent issuance of interim order sought by litigants and lawyers to ensure speedy justice.

Speaking to registrars and magistrates at a workshop organised by the judiciary at Royal Suites in Bugolobi in Kampala, Katureebe said the problem of unnecessary interim orders is the most challenging task faced by the judiciary and they should invent a new process for quick disposal of cases.

Katureebe said it is the judiciary's task to ensure that deprived sections of society are not denied justice adding that access to justice should be all pervasive.

Katureebe said people’s confidence in the judiciary and their decisions is integral to the judicial system. He said court users and members of the public have a right to expect that judges and magistrates will behave impartially, courteously, ethically and to the highest standards of judicial conduct. In a bid to weed out the corrupt officials in the judiciary, the Katureebe called upon the registrars and magistrates to report those who are corrupt amongst them to the authority.

He said judicial officers should be at the forefront to dispense justice.