FAO warns Uganda on more drought, floods

FAO warns Uganda on more drought, floods

UN food agency Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) yesterday warned the country risks more drought, floods, and landslides with farmers to be hardest hit by poor harvests and food insecurity.

FAO country representative Alhaji M. Jallow told a media briefing at their offices in Kampala ahead of World Food Day that farmers, fishers and pastoralists, are being hit hardest by higher temperatures and an weather-related disasters.

The World Food Day will be celebrated at Ngetta in Lira District on October 16 under the theme: “Climate Is Changing. Food and Agriculture must also”.

According to  Jallow, the global population is growing steadily and is expected to hit the 9.6 billion people by 2050 and food production should evolve to become more resilient, productive and sustainable to face the impacts of climate change.

He blamed floods, and landslides in the country on the changing rainfall pattern, onset and cessation, exacerbated by land degradation in most parts of the country leading to crop failure and hunger.

The FAO representative said the poor and most hungry, the majority of whom live in rural areas, are to bear the brunt of climate change.