Free Bobi Wine Campaign Launches:AI

 Amnesty International Launches Free Bobi Wine Campaign

International human rights watchdog Amnesty International has joined the chorus of voices across the world calling for the release of leading opposition politician Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

His arrest 10 days ago in Arua followed an incident in which the army claims supporters of Kassiano Wadri, who won the Arua Municipality MP race, stoned and smashed the windscreen of a presidential car.

Presidential guards reacted in a heavy-handed manner, brutalizing Bobi Wine and 35 other people including members of parliament.

After being held incommunicado for a few days during which he was whisked from Arua to Gulu, Bobi Wine was initially charged in military court with illegal possession of arms, but that has been dropped and he has now been charged with treason and remanded to Gulu prison.

 The arrest of Bobi Wine has triggered lots of protests in many parts of the country, with the most violent and widespread one in Kampala on Monday this week.

 The arrest of Bobi Wine and the events around it have been condemned locally, regionally and globally.