I was poisoned - minister Moriku

I was poisoned - minister Moriku

The State Minister for Primary Healthcare, Dr Joyce Moriku, has revealed that unknown people poisoned her, resulting in her hospitalization in Nairobi, Kenya, for two months.

In an exclusive interview yesterday, the first-time minister who returned to Uganda on February 8, told Mbabule fm that toxicological investigations confirmed the presence of arsenic poison in her body.

She said, adding: “When she was first admitted at Mulago National Referral Hospital, the doctors suspected mere food poisoning but eventually, the toxicological investigations done here in Uganda indicated that there were foreign substances in my body.”

Additional tests done in South African laboratories yielded similar results, according to doctors familiar with the medical investigations.

Dr Moriku, who doubles as the Woman Member of Parliament for Moyo District, narrated that her sickness began on November 8, last year.