Kabaka directs BLB to sensitise public

Kabaka directs Buganda land board to sensitise public on ‘Kyapa mu ngalo’ campaign.

Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II has directed Buganda Land Board (BLB ) to sensitise the public about the recently introduced compulsory land registration and acquisition of leases by tenants on kingdom land commonly known as Kyapa mu ngalo(a title in your hands’).

He made the remarks while addressing his subjects at St. Beatrice SS, Kyankwanzi District during his two -day visit in Singo County on Saturday (June 17, 2017). 
“BLB should spearhead this(massive sensitization ) and ensure that our people understand the importance of this programme,” he added.

This was the first time the Kabaka came out to speak about the now controversial 'Kyapa mu ngalo' arrangement ,which a section of the public, including cabinet ministers have criticized, saying it would deprive sitting tenants on kingdom land their land rights.

But when launching the 'Kyapa mu ngalo' programme on April 18,2017