A Muganda Cannot Tell Us What to Do

Minister Mukwaya, A Muganda Cannot Tell Us What to Do – Ankole “King”

The self-imposed king of Ankole Umar Asiimwe, after a lengthy and heated meeting with Gender Labor and Social Development Minister Janat Mukwaya, has flatly rejected her directives saying she is unqualified to discuss Ankole matters.

Asiimwe while speaking to Mbabule fm  at his Kingdom palace in Itaaba, Rwampara in Mbarara District, asked President Yoweri Museveni to send in a more qualified person, preferably a Munyankore to help resolve the growing standoff in the western region.

Better still, he says the president himself should come in himself and offer guidance; after all he has recently showed a lot of passion for addressing tribal issues.

Asiimwe, who claims lineage of the deceased former Ankole King Ntare, in 2016 enthroned himself as king and appointed a cabinet of his own.