Museveni Warns on ‘Political Battles’

Ruhaama: Museveni Warns on ‘Political Battles’ as He Campaigns for NRM Candidate

At all the four campaign rallies the NRM National Party Chairman, President Yoweri Museveni, addressed in Ruhaama Constituency this yesterday, he reminded the residents there to value their votes by casting them in favour of the NRM flag bearer for continued development.

The National Chairman preached to the party followers the numerous gains a Constituency registers when they vote a candidate who relates well with the government and is able to lobby for services.

He said a vote should be considered as a tool for winning services into the area and not a weapon to fight unnecessary battles or creating friendship.

He also warned Ugandans against staging fights for political positions as if “Uganda is ending tomorrow”.

At all venues, the National Chairman officially introduced Moses Kahima Mugabe to the voters saying that he will be able to work with the sitting government without any hindrances if elected to Parliament on Thursday.