Police defend mob action on Masaka fugitive

Police defend mob action on Masaka fugitive

As police led by a village security committee swung into action to arrest criminals who had raided the home of Ms Resty Nakyambadde in Mukoko Village, Kalungu District on Monday night, a mob trounced on one of the suspects, Muhammad Kiddawalime and killed him using stones and sticks.

Kiddawalime is one of two murder suspects -- the other being Musa Galiwango -- who escaped from Masaka High Court on March 1 and has been hiding until he resurfaced on Monday.

Although in Ugandan laws mob action is itself a criminal activity and whoever involves in it commits an offence, police have since defended the act.

Mr Lameck Kigozi, the southern regional police spokesperson, said the police have no plans of arresting any resident who participated in mob action as the circumstances under which it was done are justifiable.

He said they haven’t zeroed on anybody and they don’t intend to and adds that this is not to support mob action, but poor residents did this in a self-defense way since the thug wanted to disarm our police officer.