Police Wants 48 Hour Detention Rule Amended

Police Wants 48 Hour Detention Rule Amended

The Uganda Police Force (UPF) has revealed plans to cause an amendment in the 48 hour rule of detention.

This was revealed during a meeting between MPs on the Human Rights Committee and a police delegation led by the State Minister for Internal Affairs, Mario Obiga Kania, the IGP, Martin Ochola and the Deputy IGP, Mzeeyi Sabiiti.

The team was facing the MPs to respond to issues raised by the Uganda Human Rights Commission in their 19th Annual report.

According to the report, police has continued to flout the 48 Hour rule which provides for the production of suspects before a Court of law within 48 hours after their arrest.

The commission recommended that the police force should adhere to the law and equip its officers with the necessary facilities to enable them efficiently perform their duties and fulfill the constitutional obligation to bring suspects to Court within 48 hours.