Tinkasimire will not leave NRM

Tinkasimire will not leave NRM

Buyaga West MP Barnabas Tinkasimire has said he will not leave NRM party despite the discrimination by his party leadership following his decision to vote against the constitutional amendment bill on the age limit for presidential candidates last year.

27 legislators of the NRM voted against the constitutional amendment,a decision which was against their party position.

This week the NRM gave money to NRM constituency MPs that voted in favour of opening age limits but denied those that were against the bill on grounds that they were going to mobilize against NRM local council candidates as well.

Tinkasimire told reporters in Kampala  that despite the discrimination, he remains a member of the NRM and he will not leave the party.

He says although his NRM party leadership is fighting him, he is popular and he will show them during the 2021 elections.