Tooro leaders commend bishop advice to M7

Tooro leaders commend bishop kisembo advice to museveni

A section of political leaders from Kabarole district have applauded the Bishop of Rwenzori diocese’s remarks to president Museveni.

During the opening of St. Elizabeth C.O.U Chapel at Kyebambe Girls SSS on weekend, in the face of the President;who was invited as Chief Guest – Bishop Kisembo asked Museveni to plan for peaceful succession and transfer of power.

“Kisembo told Museveni that it is true the Presidential age limit was removed from our constitution whatever justifications were made, he appealed to him to plan for peaceful succession and transfer of power.

In response to Kisembo’s remarks, Museveni said no one should lecture him on what to do.

Speaking Mbabule fm in an exclusive interview, Robert Mutunzi the FDC secretary General Kabarole termed the Bishop as a “no nonsense man of God”.

Mutunzi stated that if president Museveni does not want to be advised it means he is turning into a dictator.

He said that whatever the president is doing, visiting Kabarole three times consecutively, it’s because of pressure from the public during the age limit consultative meetings and if they continue, more things will be done.

Peter Bazira district councilor Kichwamba Sub County said that the president should give respect to those who give guidance to him for the good of this country.