Without officials, it is just recess

Join/Register Hammer Sports

Hammer Sports LLC is a sports assigning business. Heidi, Hammer Sports owner, assigns referees/umpires for games throughout the state of Minnesota, most being in the metro area.

Join/Register Hammer Sports

1 Email Heidi (Hammer Sports Assigner) at hammerhoops@hotmail.com, share your officiating background, sport(s) interested in reffing and availability

2 Once the email is received, you will get an Arbiter invite (online assigning website) to join Hammer Sports and be added to the sports email list(s) requested. If you do not see it, check your junk mail because often times it goes there. You must add your contact info to your Arbiter profile (mailing address, phone, SSN, photo) in order to get assigned games and be paid. This is very important to do! For questions how to use Arbiter, contact them at 801-576-9436. They are very helpful and techy.

3 Pay Hammer Sports Member/Arbiter Dues - hard check ok or will deduct from first game check

- 10.00 – covers one sport/season

FALL – volleyball/soccer/football

WINTER – basketball (even though I assign games year round)

SPRING – softball/baseball

** The most one official will pay for member dues is 25.00/year. For example, an official refs volleyball, soccer, basketball, baseball and softball. He/she will pay 10.00 for fall, 10.00 winter, and only 5.00 for spring (discount for working hard for Hammer Sports)

**You will only pay one 10.00 fee even if working volleyball/soccer/football or baseball/softball. You will NOT get double dipped so to speak.

**If you do not plan on being active, a 5.00 fee is kindly requested (Arbiter is expensive and they charge per ref) to stay in the Arbiter group. If an official ends up working a game, 10.00 member dues will only be 5.00. If an official knows they will not be working, please contact Heidi to remove you from the list. Officials are welcome to join again when they are able to stay active in officiating.

4 Watch online and complete MANDATORY Concussion Training. Click MN State Law to complete it. Please send Heidi a copy of the certificate of completion.

5 Fill out W9 Form and Waiver Form and either mail back to Hammer Sports, 9162 Kaeding Ave NE, Ostego MN, 55362 or SCAN them to Heidi Email

6 Once your Arbiter profile is complete, dues are paid, concussion training passed and forms returned, you will have the opportunity to be assigned games. Emails are sent often on open games. It is YOUR responsibility to stay up to date with checking email. There are no guarantees on the amount of games received, but if you are professional, work hard and always try to improve, there is a spot for you! Please be patient if you are new.

Register with Minnesota State High School League

Even though the MSHSL does not require certification to work lower level high school games, I STRONGLY recommend it for many reasons!

1 Receive current Rules/Case Books to stay on top of everything and changes

2 Receive a background check and concussion training (required MN law) at no additional cost

3 MSHSL provides training clinics for every sport to get hands on experience and improve as an official

4 You get paid more to officiate MYAS basketball and baseball games

5 You can work Varsity assignments

To register or get more info, go to www.mshsl.org. For the MANDATORY concussion training (whether you register or not with MSHSL), go to http://www.mshsl.org/mshsl/officials.asp. You will NOT work games for Hammer Sports unless you do the concussion training, which is online and takes little time to do. Once completed, MSHSL will put you on a list to show whether you did it or not.

MYAS Certification

Hammer Sports is an MYAS (Minnesota Youth Athletic Services) assigner for both basketball and baseball. In order to work MYAS games, you must register at myas.org. Clinics for basketball typically start in early fall for basketball registration and early spring for baseball. YOU GET PAID MORE if MYAS/MSHSL certified. For more questions on MYAS, contact Buddy Hemric at buddy@myas.org or 763-781-2220 ext 1717.

Hammer Sport Rules and Policies

1 Arbiter profile must be complete (contact info, mailing address, phone, SSN, photo), W9/waiver forms signed and turned back in to Hammer Sports, concussion training complete and email or send certificate of completion back to Heidi before getting assigned games.

2 Arrive to your game(s) at least 20 minutes ready to go. This will give officials a chance to read any specific rules sheet available before starting their games as well.

3 If your partner is not there 10 minutes before game time, call Heidi (assigner) at 763-350-0098. Do NOT email on short notice.

4 If Official misses a game or arrives 15 minutes or later after the scheduled start time, he/she will be penalized one game fee. If Official is late to a game but arrives before 15 minutes after the scheduled game time he/she will be fined one half of that game fee. If Official cancels an accepted assignment with less than 24 hours’ notice to Hammer Sports, LLC, he/she will be fined one half of that game fee unless assigner approval (i.e. family emergency). If Official is a “no show” with no communication, they must work future games without compensation until games missed are made up. Multiple “no shows” will result in termination.

5 If running late for whatever reason, contact Heidi (assigner) and your partner (Arbiter provides officials contact info) to give a chance to get it covered and inform teams/site person

6 If working a tourney, please stay until your replacement arrives! No excuses! If you have to go somewhere else, request one less game. I need officials to be able to cover at least one more game in an emergency situation. It will give the assigner enough time to get it covered. Remember you will be compensated and the official late will be docked.

7 For those working high school games, officials MUST confirm with SCHOOL (click Home team on Arbiter for contact info) or go to www.mshsl.org (schools tab, contact info on home page for every Athletic Director) and PARNTER (contact info on Arbiter, click number of left side of game listing) Example of confirmation (include school contact and partner on email) Hello, I am confirming that John Smith and I are scheduled to officiate your soccer game on Sept 12 at Andover HS, soccer field 1. The start time is 4pm. We will be there on the field by 3:45pm. If there are any changes, please let us know. Thanks and have a great day! Jill Carlson – 763-xxx-xxxx Schools will contact Heidi (assigner) when officials do not confirm with them which creates unnecessary stress to try and track officials down on short notice. Please take care of business! By confirming and receiving confirmation back from school/contact, you have a better chance to get compensated if a game is ever cancelled if you show up.

8 For those working non-high school games, get in the habit of confirming with you partner. If the home team on Arbiter has a contact person, confirm with them as well. For travel tourneys, officials do not need to confirm with teams/school, just partners. It helps avoid issues and gives a simple reminder about games assigned. It also gives officials a chance to maybe carpool, etc…

9 Wear the official proper gear at your scheduled game. Failure to do so and not look professional will result in no games being assigned to you.

10 Absolutely no drinking alcohol (or coming intoxicated) when working games; same for illegal drugs

11 Do NOT fill out school vouchers for payment. Hammer Sports invoices the schools/contacts and pay officials.

12 Please EMAIL requests for games, no phone calls! With nearly 400 officials, Heidi’s phone would be ringing off the hook and would not get anything accomplished

13 If you need to talk to Heidi about something, please call within reasonable hours (not after 9pm or before 8am) UNLESS an emergency situation.

14 Please accept/decline games on a timely basis on Arbiter. Failure to do so will result in games being reassigned.

15 Honor your assignments, do not bail to work elsewhere. Exception: for those that get assigned a varsity/college game, as long as it is not on short notice so it can get covered. FYI – all assigners communicate with each other and you will get yourself in trouble in a hurry by cancelling games to work other ones for another assigner.

16 Stay on top of rules, including changes, etc…getting high school certified is highly encouraged.

17 No cell phones being used during games!

18 An official may be asked to leave if not working hard to officiate a good game. If this happens, officials will only be paid for games completed.