Without officials, it is just recess


Hammer Sports strives to pay their officials on a timely basis. Donna Hunt, who is Hammer Sports assistant for payroll/invoicing, will INVOICE schools/contacts every Sunday evening for the previous week’s games (Monday-Sunday). Then the next day (Monday evening), she will BILL PAY all officials who worked games during that time period invoiced.

Bill Pay is an online system (Hammer Sports uses Wells Fargo) in which the bank processes the checks and mails them for businesses. It takes 7-10 business days to receive the check in the mail. The address Donna uses for Bill Pay is your ARBITER ADDRESS so please make sure it is updated and current at all times. If you change your address on Arbiter, contact Donna ASAP to avoid payment interruptions.

Please be patient and do NOT contact Hammer Sports asking where your check is at until after the time period it takes for the check to arrive (approx. two weeks after games worked). Make sure to keep solid track of games officiated because mistakes can happen on both ends. You can also track games on your Arbiter paysheets but please keep in mind that Bill Pay takes a few days to get a check number for Donna to input on Arbiter.

For many, if not all travel basketball tourneys, officials will be paid on the spot and this will include games worked during the week as well on that check.